Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all ..or well to whoever reads this other than me.

I have my little one sitting right next to me insisting that I write his name first.  This blog is for you Sid.

This definitely is  one year when I zombie walked into the New day. Last day of 2013 was so tiring (read non stop snacking at relatives) that I could not keep awake till 12 to see the clock trickle into the New Year. That was one tradition broken. But New Years Day dawned with pleasant surprises.  I  met my cousin sister and her kids after a long time. We had a nice time catching up and kids played together. Sid enjoyed cutting cake and singing Happy New Year loudly.

We came back from my native today. I was about to hit the bed after a tiring 8 hour journey, but thanks to Ani, couldn't go to sleep.  I have promised her a post everyday. So pulled myself (Sid tagged along) up to write one. Now isn't that a good start to a wonderful year ?

As I am writing this post, Sid is entertaining himself by mock-pressing the clothes I had so meticulously folded. He is looking so innocent and cute, lost in his world, talking to himself.

Life IS beautiful with you Sid.


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