Sunday, 26 January 2014

Back to school

After a total hiatus from Spanish classes, I am back at it. And hopefully this time with no further breaks.

Spanish is a beautiful language. To me it sounds very calming. The best thing about the language is you just have to read it the way it is written. You can happily say "oo" whenever you see a "u". There is no confusion as in "cut"(cuh-t) and "put"(poo-t). Makes life  easier for beginners like me. But then there is this grammar and verb conjugation that takes a while to get used to. The verb forms are so extensive in Spanish that you have one for each person and for each tense. Multiply it with indicative - subjunctive - imperative - perfect type of sentences. Well, you can do the math. Sample it here. Although it sounds overwhelming, as with everyone language, 'practice with patience' is the key. And if I do that, one 'spanish' post will soon be on its way here!

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