Sunday, 5 January 2014

Introspection - 2013

Looking back, the last year was good. I don't remember jumping in joy or wallowing in sorrow.

Few memories from 2013
1. Trip to Munnar and Coorg. Loved Munnar for its serenity.
2. Job change and hectic days for Papa.
3. Kutty Golu. Small get-togethers.
4. Homewards in November. Turned out to be a sick leave.
5. Started jogging for more than a mile. And it stopped there :(
6. Rekindled the love for kolam/Rangoli. They now adorn my doorstep for margazhi.
7. Read a few books - does 3 fall under few ?
8. Tried new recipes.
9. Tried to capture most of Sid's milestones here.

Rest seem to have faded into oblivion! So stopping it here.


  1. kolams for margazhi? awesome Me..
    hope you are having fun with the marathon.. I read your regularly.. will comment from home whenever possible.. keep writing..

    1. Have started the kolams this year. Makes my mornings interesting (but for the cold). Thanks Ani for dropping by. And yes I am enjoying the marathon :)



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