Monday, 27 January 2014

Anniversary special

DH is not at all the romantic kind. But the one thing he religiously does is ensure that we be together on our wedding anniversary. This year was no different. He took off today and we spent the day together. We dropped Sid at his school by 10 am and  just wandered around soaking the sun, laughing and chatting. We walked a lot, took the metro, checked out a new furniture/cloth shop and bought a kurta for DH which was long overdue. While he was busy paying the bills, I picked this up to match my dress.

Got a little something for our little one and by 1pm we were back at Sid's school. He had by then flashed our anniversary news. His teachers happily came out to wish me. I was glad that he did not tell we are getting married today (as that was what I heard him tell in the morning). The outing ended with lunch at our favorite restaurant and a short walk with Sid swinging in our hands. It was a very relaxed pleasant fun filled day with my dear ones.

G, Thank you for everything. Seriously, you have kept you every promise in our marriage and I cannot ask for more! Love you da.



  1. That's just such a perfect way to celebrate the togetherness :) and I really laughed at *I was glad that he did not tell we are getting married today (as that was what I heard him tell in the morning)*

    And the answer to your question - No I am not homeschooling Aarya :)

  2. Thanks Veens.
    Welcome here!



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