Monday, 13 January 2014

Trial rooms

It was another trial room terror day. Hubby dear lovingly took me to a shop to buy myself a much needed pair of jeans. How kind of him. (Well, he was planning to spend the rest of the day with his schoolmates so what better way to make me happy before he left? ;-) )

I started the ordeal with a size 30, I confidently walked into the  trial room(as it was the same size I was wearing that day, also from the same shop) only to find that I couldn't squeeze myself into it. Not the one to give up so easily, tried different shapes of the same size. They had the ultra thins and 'hotties' and  'bootilicious'.  Nope, none of them fitted me. And no, they didn't have any extra bootlicious.

I was quite convinced that the last year's size 30 was wider than this year's. Fashion statements! So gracefully moved on to 32. Picked a bright red top to go with it as well. Why hide behind XLs when you are sure you can wear a L?  Armed with the right jeans and a fitting top, I hit the trial room again. The pants were hardly reaching my waist. Had I tried more, they will have to be surgically removed. I meant the pants. Well, the top was fitting me. It was actually a little more than fitting. I was sure that I will need help to peel them off me.

After spending sometime looking at the twisted B figure on the mirror and the array of jeans lying around, I decided to try no more. I was out of the room, in my old jeans and disheveled hair.

Looking at my expression, Hubby kindly suggested that we move on to the next shop. Maybe this shop was for teenagers! He further encouraged me telling he himself wore a size 36 although he was so 'fit n fine'. I quickly looked for the exit and said we can try another day.

Left me wondering where I was with my vital statistics. I don't fret a lot about my shape as I conveniently hide them behind loose (ill?) fitting tops and kurtis.

Definitely time to hit the gym. Have been quite lazy on the exercises citing weather. Need to get fitter. No hourglass figures but no twisted B either ;-)

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