Thursday, 16 January 2014

Life saver food

Dosa thy name is life saver

- The only thing kid eats anytime of the day
- Papa loves it  (only have to make it paper crisp). Top it with fried gram chutney and you have no batter left for the next day.
- Me loves it  - Tasty, reminds me of home.
- Unexpected guests at dinner - server hot dosas with a quick sambar/chutney.
- Tired after office- get the dosas please.
- Home after vacation - just get the batter please.
- Fever/Upset stomach - Dosa madhi.
- Nothing for evening snack ? - Dosas will do.
- Extreme hunger pangs - Quick heavenly dosas to rescue.

And all you need is

- Dosa batter (always ready)
- Kitchen counter to sit on. (Dosas never travel to the table)
- Amma's red chutney (bliss)

Now, isn't that what you call  a life saver ?

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