Sunday, 26 January 2014

Noni Noni

The word I am very much in love with is "Noni Noni". No, it is not a health drink or a Spanish verb. It is just a random word my son uses when he is happy/lovey-dovey or in a sleepy mood. He would hold my hair, squint his eyes, pout his lips and say them. I totally melt when he does it.

This holding on to my hair is, I believe, a vestige from breast feeding days. For the first two years, he  breast fed to sleep, patting my arms.  Then it was just holding on to the few strings left on my head.  Now he goes to sleep on my arms, occasionally patting my head, saying 'noni noni'. I do get annoyed when he occasionally pulls it hard. When he twists and turns in his sleep, he reaches out for my hair. We both enjoy this routine.

It wont be long before his "I love you's", "Noni noni"s, "Ekku" (carry me), "why" will grow out and we will start missing them. So enjoying while it lasts!

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