Monday, 20 January 2014

Kites Kites everywhere

I was so busy reading other interesting blogs that I forgot it was 24 hours since my last post.

Wanted to record another first of Sid this week. Kite flying. Technically, it is a first time for me too, considering that my childhood kites never really flew high. Thanks to our neighbor friend who was a kite enthusiast and a kite flying expert (what do you call them? bought the required accessories and set up the kites in our apartment terrace. Again with all help from our friend, the kites went up and stayed there for a long time. The children took turns to hold the spool and control the kite. It was so much fun. Sid was excited and I was super excited to actually see our kites up on the sky. Amidst the fun I forgot to take the camera and ended up with this on my phone. I swear there is a kite in the snap!




 Sid is a big time Lego boy. When he is at it, he is in his zone. He can sit, sing to himself and do this for hours together. The focus...