Friday, 17 January 2014

My Amma

The one woman who I believe can do anything under the sun is my amma. Call me crazy.

From the little social exposure she had before her marriage, she has come a long long way. She is my role model. She was this super woman working fulltime in a central government office and still cooking Rice, curry and two veggies for lunch and an awesome breakfast for us (And all before 8am without a cook or assistant). I don't remember ever putting a hand/foot into the kitchen for anything.

She was very active at her office (even when it went against her). She did her bit of social service while still managing home and work. Took a break for a couple of years and was the fore runner in Adult literacy campaign in our town. Dad was very supportive in her social work.  She would do all the housework and leave the house by 8am. Travel to small villages with her team and motivate them to read through street shows and dramas. And how could I forget the science forums and consumer forums that she was so involved with. After all the travel, she would come home and cook us a wonderful dinner patiently. (Well, although I was a teenager by then, I was too busy inyo TV and books to notice all that she was doing).  I do remember days when I had been rude to her for coming home late. She would say nothing and serve us food. Don't ever remember her telling that she was tired or needed a break.

As we moved on to college and work, she took voluntary retirement from her office ( never from work). She started assisting my Dad full time in his business. She knows the inside out of it all now. Whenever she travels out of town, she makes it a point to buy something for everyone who works there.

She is multi multi talented. Saying Amma is a brilliant cook would be an understatement. She has this cabinet full of cookbooks and watches most of the cookery shows. She can manage to cook full meals even if twenty people turn up without notice. She was an excellent bharathnatyam dancer. Still plays her Veena. At the age past 50 she challenged herself to learn swimming and she did. She swims well now. Did I mention the baking, stitching, embroidery and handwork classes she goes to? She has done them all and is now busy with painting and pencil sketching. I never knew she could draw so well. Her Tanjore painting adorns our hall.

Despite her busy schedules, she will always take time out to help people in need. Infact we tease her for going out of the way to help people. Dad and amma struggled to bring us up yet they always helped others financially in whatever little way they could.

Until school, I only knew her as amma -The one who always works. As I grew up, I realized the power house that she was. She had to report to work the third day after she delivered her first baby and she did - to get the job she held for the next 27 years. She would do anything for us. She would never ever give up on us.  She would stand by us no matter what and never judge us. I don't think anyone believes in me as much as she does. Even I don't! She always ensures that we get the best of everything.

I don't have to tell this - I am what I am because of her. She made me independent in every possible way. (Including learning to drive 2/4 wheeler as she was adamant I do that and get a license when I turned 18.) The courage and will power (whatever little I have) is all from her. She is my pillar of strength. Even today, I turn to her when I feel down or to be motivated. Few minutes of talking to her and I am ready to take the world :)

Amma, a Thank you might belittle what you have done for us. Just bless me amma to be your child in every birth. Please.

I love you.

ps: No proof reading. Posting from heart.  On her Birthday.


  1. wish I could see Aunty someday.. belated birthday wishes to the wonderful lady.. hugs Me..

  2. Thanks Ani. Will tell her :)



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