Saturday, 4 January 2014


Making and writing down the  New Year Resolutions was one more tradition I had followed for a long time. Somewhere down the line, the writing part was gone. Now the resolutions are gone as well.

The one resolve I do everyday (New Year or not) is to eat healthy and consume no/less/moderate sugar. And I pretty much follow it through the day, other than the times I gorge on sweets and binge on snacks ;-) So have decided to stay away from that resolve.

One other positive thing I have been trying for a while is to live in the moment. Minimal 'replay' of past incidents and no 'coming up' future shows in my mind. Just living that moment. Zen calls it mindful living. Have been reading the blog for years now and found it extremely helpful. Especially at workplace. Now I am a home bird and have all the time to think of everything else other than that moment. Maybe I should tie a ribbon to remind myself to be there where I am.

Will watch the progress I make on 'being there' and report next week.

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