Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Weather me

I am not a cold person. Literally. I cannot stand cold weather, cold drinks, ice-creams.
I prefer the warmth. The warm climate before spring/summer breaks. It ideally is the winter months down south. From where I come, the weather stays between warm, hot and hottest. Showers for a week at max.

Pleasant is when I don't bundle myself up or sweat like a sprinter. Clothes dry well :). Less health issues. All life forms look happy. And so do I.

Little Sid is just my opposite. He sweats when it is 18 c! Needs a fan even when it is (really)cold. Hardly needs or wears a jacket. People look at me as Cinderella's stepmom when I take Sid out in a T-shirt and me in a heavy jacket and hood. We are a scene when we sleep. I am in my gears down to socks and use the thickest blanket. Sid just sleeps in his pajamas.

It took me a while to understand that he was different and let him go without winter wears. Now I don't trouble him with my cold fears.

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