Monday, 6 January 2014

Stepping out

There are certain topics that I am not open about. Like achievements-bucketlist-regrets.. lot more. Maybe because these are emotions I keep generally bottled. Or maybe because one is not used to people wanting to know it. More reasonable reason  of course is the thought that someone might read and know you better!

Truly speaking, I feel a physical discomfort writing on such topics. A certain kind of tightness. So here is an attempt to let go and step out of my comfort zone.

There are two moments that stand out when I think of achievements. One was in my teens, I was part of Adult literacy programme. After a few months of coaching adult labourers(women working in salt pits) they started reading and counting. For us, literate adults, reading is probably like brushing. It is the most natural process.  But for someone who could never understand anything written, being able to read, is a liberating feeling.  They came up everyday with new things they read or found. It was such a memorable journey for all of us.  They could board the bus without asking anyone. Few started reading newspapers/stories/posters and counting the units in the bill. I remember one akka telling that she couldn't stop picking up rags to read them! That I could change their life in the tiniest way possible was to me an "achievement". I felt very happy.

The next and most obvious is the moment when I saw my little one the first time. The first thought that struck me was a sense of complete 'Awe' - 'Miracle'. And that I was part of the natural miracle was an achievement. Holding him was bliss.

Phew! Got it out :) 

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