Sunday, 19 January 2014

Driving myself crazy

I got my car driving license when I was 19. And here I am a good ten years (and more ;-). Don't bother figuring my age) from it and yet cannot drive a car. After wedding, hubby who loves driving put me back in one of the driving schools with simulators and special instructors. The instructor there, was convinced I was better on the road than on the simulator. This was how I was 'better' on roads
  •  I panic so much when I am driving that I stop at all the wrong places.
  •  Drive uphill. Stop at a signal there and restart on green. This is one routine I just cannot follow. I find myself  holding on the clutch, hand brake, accelerator and steering tightly and wishing the car moves up automatically without sliding back to the next vehicle inches away from mine.
  •  I stop when I see a crow on the road. I am not convinced it will fly away as I drive past. Remember my first teacher asking me if I plan to stay on the middle of the road until the crow finished his meal.
  • Taking right turns and parking is beyond me. One guy at a parking lot, asked, if I understood what the word "parallel' meant.
People keep wondering how I got my license.We were four girls giving the test from my driving school that particular day. I somehow managed to drive the car from the school to the transport office. The guy who was to take our test came out and saw me on the wheels. Asked me to get out (convinced that I have driven it all the way) and asked the others to take a turn in the open ground in front of the office. We all got our licenses :)

Expectedly, after a few attempts I quit torturing myself and everyone around. I stopped driving. Now I don't even want to try. At least not in the near future. Never say never :)




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