Friday, 24 January 2014

Chey sal

Taking this cue for today's post.

I have changed A lot in the last 6 years.  I mean not just the horizontal biological ones but also the typical characteristic features.  Definitely a lot of them are positive (modesty?) and would attribute it to my better half and little one.

Have become more relaxed and enjoy life one day at a time. Though DH (my dear husband) connects it to my being jobless and at home, I think I have to credit it to my little one. He is my inspiration everyday. Not that I never get worked up - but I am more aware of my reactions and at peace with self.

I am more organized(!) and thanks to DH on that. I (shamelessly) admit that I started aping him. DH was/is very very organized. Period. And I was just the opposite. You can imagine how our initial days would have been. That needs a separate post altogether.

On introspection, although hard to admit, I am a wee bit more social, lot more fitness conscious(?!),  and a little less judgmental than what I was.  Liking for old hindi songs. Love for North indian food. Fluency in Hindi. Love for travel. I can see DH's hand blessing them all.

Eternal dreamer - Where are you leading me to ? Let me stop here, before it becomes a DH glorifying post (or is it already?)



  1. chey sal - really took a long time to understand this title.. the hindi challenged person that I am..
    one day at a time and living in the present can make wonders no?

  2. Yes Ani. Can't agree more!



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