Thursday, 30 January 2014

Letters from Dad

My Dad loves to write letters. He prefers the pen and paper to emails or blogs.  When I stepped out for my first job, I remember so looking forward to his letters even though I used to call him everyday. He still writes letters to me whenever he feels like. He generally attaches a newspaper article or anything he finds interesting for me to read. I attribute my love for languages to him. He is a voracious reader and I have grown up always seeing him read something. He was first introduced to English when he was in his sixth grade and  he immediately fell in love with it. While he flunked in other subjects, he would top in English. He cannot remember his breakfast, but can reel out quotes of Somerset Maughum. Such is his love for English. His letters are, I believe, his way of making me feel special.

Ever since Sid got the concept of letters, Dad has started writing to him. Last year it was sent to me, to be read out to him. Now he addresses it to him although I have to still read it out. It is a proud moment for Sid when he gets his 'own'  letter. He will keep asking "Is it for me? for me?". Couple of weeks ago I told Dad that Sid can now manage to read 3 letter words in capitals. So he sent this special post card for Sid yesterday.

Sid was as always excited to receive it. When asked what achacha has written, he said "Lots of 1-2-3-4 mamma!". Of all the 50 odd words in the card, he loved the circled numbers. Poor Dad, he did not even remember the numbers alongside the words and insisted he had written only alphabets and not numbers. It took him a while to get what Sid meant and we had a hearty laugh. He keeps telling it wont be long before Sid gets into the art of letter writing. I truly wish he does unlike his lazy mamma.

I am off to buy some postcards for Sid to reply (or colour?). Love you Dad and love you Sid.


  1. I love your Dad for writing letters. I think i want to start writing letters too... but to whom I keep thinking! LOL! Lets start a kid club... and post letters to each other :D :D

    I am sure your son would treasure these and will soon read on his own :)

  2. Write to me on the pretext of kids club ;-). I really hope Sid values them as he grows.



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