Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Being a guest

Dad mom and my better half are all extremely social people. I call it extreme probably because I am called anti-social at times ;-) They love going to and getting friends over. I hang around with a few friends who I am comfortable with and it takes me a while to make new friends. Well, a lot has changed since marriage. Although my friend list hasn't changed hugely, I am quite happy being a guest and happier being the host :)

The first thing that I would look when I am at is the host of course. A happy host and family makes the whole process much easier.  When you are not happy having someone over, it shows. No matter how good the food is or how nice the house is. I have had dinner and lunch at not so organized homes and yet felt very happy. Nothing like the warmth of a house where people can laugh together and spend good time. One of our aunt's house is an example, they laugh and joke with us. Tell us stories from yesteryears. The whole house reverberates with happiness with all the guests. When you step out, you feel good and look forward to the next time you can meet them.

One thing I tell myself - my home should be one where friends want to drop in :) and have a good time.

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