Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Matching socks

Yesterday Sid wanted to wear one green and one red sock. Quickly brushing aside his request, I told it would look odd and asked him to choose either one of them. He just stood there apparently not liking my idea. Within seconds I felt guilty for even suggesting it. I have never tried it in all my life and I am now conditioning my child to follow suit. So we went ahead and implemented Sid's plan. To me, the mismatched pair on his legs, looked very very cute.  He happily went to school. I  was curious to know the reaction there, but looks like hardly anyone noticed.

Today when I was looking for his socks, DH jokingly asked if we were not going to be creative. And so as one happy family we mismatched the socks and enjoyed the result.

A little fun for the feet!

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