Thursday, 23 January 2014

Ant Spray!

After changing him to his night dress, I noticed that his night pant had a big drop of 'su-su'. Needless to say, he has been holding it for sometime. Once I showed it, he promptly obliged and relieved himself.

Me: Sid, can we change your pants? You don't want to go to bed in 'wet' pants.
Sid: Its okay mamma, it is just a drop. Don't bother.
Me: What if it stinks?
Sid: (sweetly)  It is just a drop mamma. I will not smell.
Me: (not the one to give up) And what if the smell attracts ants?
Sid: (very sincerely) Hmm.. then give me the ant-spray. I will use it and ants wont come near me. (Spreads his leg and shows me how to spray)
Me: !?!

We laughed a lot last night. And of course, he changed his pants too.

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