Monday, 16 December 2013

Last 3 months

When I started the blog, I really thought it would be easy to post one entry a week. How grossly did I underestimate my laziness! No excuses. Pure unadulterated lazing. Planning to be more regular here. No.. seriously!
Quick update on the last 3 months as I remember it ..
1. Made a trip to Coorg with friends in August. Cold. But had fun playing lots of dumb charades. Sid loved the play area.
2. Kept a simple Golu at home in October. Invited close friends over and had a good time socializing. Sid was explaining the dolls to guests.
3. November was spent mostly in Tuty with parents. Fell sick and recovered. Sid had his first ear infection.
4. Back home in December and enjoying the cold.

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