Wednesday, 6 June 2012

To Sid

Tomorrow is your first day at a play school.  You are peacefully asleep not knowing your life is going to change a little(?) from tomorrow. Wish I were you .. carefree and a happy soul.
I am happy, nervous, excited and a little scared. Though I understand that you are going to a good school and that you will be taken care of, my heart doesn't. You are just 2 yrs old.  Will the teacher understand what you say and what you don't ? Will she be there to protect you ? Will she console you ? Will she have the time to look into your bright eyes that brighten up every time you do something on your own? I just pray that she does!

I wonder what you will feel when I will leave you at your school.  Being the Mr.Independent that you are, I will not be surprised if you  happily ask me to go so you can start playing :) Or may be you will cry like everyone else?  I have no idea how you will take it as I have never had the need to leave you with anyone other than your Papa in these two years. Now to suddenly leave you in the hands (no matter how experienced) of a teacher is difficult for me too.

But, this day - the day before you first step into the real world,  is inevitable. So.. let me pack my sentiments and wish you the very best in life.  Go ahead Sid and have fun. Be happy (and safe) in whatever you do. I ask nothing more. Just remember this monu, I will always always be there for you, no matter what.

Wanted to record this mixed emotional moment. Maybe one day we both will read this and laugh at it !

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