Tuesday, 20 November 2012

School updates

I just am a lazy person. I cannot think of any other reason for leaving the blog unattended.  Anyways, thought of putting up some Sid-updates from his school life.
Sid was fine for the first week as I was there with him in his class. He was more interested in being
"an outstanding student" literally. When asked to sing alone or with his group, he gave an I don't know and I don't care look. I enjoyed watching him in his class.
The next couple of weeks were spent very anxiously with Sid flatly refusing to go to school. He was so against going to school, that when we went past his school on our way elsewhere he would panic. Every time we dress him up to go anywhere, he would anxiously ask if it was to his school. After a week, I was getting quite worried with people questioning if we chose the right school to if he was getting bullied somehow. I remember crying one day outside his school when he had a big drama getting in. Luckily the same week, they had a field trip to a garage where he saw car washing and his favorite cars. That, I presume, helped him look forward to school.
Now my little one goes to school like he goes to a park or something. He has made friends with his teacher/aunty. Sid, like a typical man, does not talk about his day - read school. The one thing he seems to observe religiously is the dress his teacher wears. Be it a sari or churdar *as he calls it). He tells the exact color with details like small flowers or designs. I am impressed my boy.

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