Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Birthday at Tuty

Long overdue post.

We celebrated Sid's second birthday at Tuty. Mom had got a biiiig cake shaped like a car. Sid loved the car so did not want to cut it. Left with no option I blew the candle and cut the cake. Sid was all shy and hugging me tight. It was after his afternoon nap and he wasn't totally awake I guess. He did not want to even taste it.  I did my best in finishing the cake too - anything for you, Sid.  With a small ayushhomam at home, temple visit and Mom's wonderful sadhya the day was perfect. Little Sid running around in dhoti was a delight to watch.

There has to be something with birthdays and falling sick, at least with Sid  it seems to be true. His first birthday ended with a viral fever - his first fever actually. This year it was a severely upset stomach(eating out at a friend's wedding) and bruise on his nose again his first times.  It was saddening to see the little one go through it. Unlike me, my little champ was taking it fine and  playing like always. Lesson learnt my boy.

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