Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Omni wearing glasses

Remembered this cute little incident that I thought should be recorded. This happened when Sid was around 18 months old and getting better with his vocabulary. He pointed at a white omni van and said "car has kannada(glasses)" It took a while for me to see through his eyes and note that the white omni did look like  it was wearing black glasses(bumper) on its eyes (headlights).
Sid, you do make me see everything with a fresh pair of eyes. Now I don't fail to observe the colorful butterflies, trees, painted houses,cars or cranes/diggers/tankers/trailers all thanks to you. Makes me wonder if they even existed before you were born. Or may be I should say, did I ever 'live the moment' to see and wonder at them before you came into my life.

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