Sunday, 24 February 2013

Boy girl short

My little boy sometimes says he is a girl. Wondering if he was confused, I started this conversation

Sid: I am a girl, I want a ladies watch.. (having learnt about men's watch from his grandpa)
Me: But aren't you a boy ?
Sid: (Reluctantly) Hmm.. yes
Me: Who is a girl in our house?
Sid: (Gave it a thought and happily said) You mamma..
Me: And Pappa ?
Sid: Boy

Happy with the progress we continued the game with other family members and neighbours.
Me: What about the next door X aunty ?
Sid: Girl
Me: What about the other Y aunty ?
Sid: Also girl (He uses the word "also" so perfectly)
Me: And your favorite aunt at school ?
Sid: Short !
Me: !!?? 

After a really long time ..

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