Saturday, 10 January 2015

The year that went by - 2014

Last year was a mix of happenings. Well, so is every year! Gist of them chronologically (inspired from Ani) for posterity.

Jan -  High point was completing the blogathon successfully.

Feb - Celebrated parents wedding anniversary together. Happy times. Made new friends.

March - Started swimming classes for Sid. Had a low key celebration on his birthday. Lost a cousin and Bhaiya's little one. Tragic. Ani had asked me to write a letter to Sid on his birthday - which I hope to do at least during the blogathon.

April - Trip to Kannur. Family still coming to terms with the loss.

May - Back to moms place. Joined a swimming class there (although we could go only for 5 days) to help Sid get comfortable in water. Learnt swimming (if I can call mine so) - this was something I thought I can never do in life. Was able to help Sid with his swimming after we came back. He is only getting better by the day now!

June - Sid joins regular school. Huge change from the earlier alternate education system he was going to. He adapted quickly. Got myself a work from home job. Teaching online. Love my job!

July - Crossed the age I was dreading to. Nothing much happened. I was getting more involved with my work.

Aug - Trip to Coorg with friends. Had fun.

Sep, Oct -Enjoyed Golu (and loads of food) at mom's place. Took a break from work (that's the best part of my job). Little Sid started going down to the play in our apartment on his own.

Nov - My brother came to India after a long time. Had an amazing time with family! (Re)Started waking up early and jogging. Joined back to work.

Dec - Lost another cousin. Christmas vacation and New Year at Kerala. Spent quality time with family  although the mood was grey.

Looking back, I can only think of how fast an year seems to have whizzed past.  I should definitely take time to write more often.


  1. Hey Me.. long long time.. we should catch up some day.. A very happy new year to you and your family and sorry to hear about the losses.. Wish 2015 will bring you all happiness.. take care

  2. Thanks Ani, We should catch up!



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