Monday, 8 July 2013

To Munnar in May

We made a trip to Munnar this May. It was a nice long drive. We went with one of our friends who also had a girl of Sid's age. Sid enjoyed the company. Papa was busy driving up and down to Munnar - 14 hours each. The love for long drives!
It was a perfect climate and decent food at Tall trees(where we stayed). Unfortunately our friends had to return the very next day due to a family emergency. We were feeling down for a while .. but then Sid makes any situation lovely. We discovered his love for table tennis and photography there. He took couple photos of us and it was fun just playing with him all day. He kept asking why we came to Munnar. Tried telling him it was a break from our routine and relaxation et all.  But he did not seem to quite get it.

We drove to near by places wanting to take Sid to elephant rides and boating. He clearly did not want to do any of it and just enjoyed the drive.

For someone who lives and loves every moment he must be wondering why parents need to travel 14 hours to find happiness and relaxation. Am I right Sid ? 

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